Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A New Vet

Well, I've been putting this off and putting it off. I've known for a little while now that I wanted to change veterinary clinics. The vets we currently have do a good job, don't get me wrong, they're just not for us. They're closest to us and have done fairly well with all of our dogs. But Toby has been going downhill there... he used to love going in and saying hi to the people. Now, he'll cower as we walk in the front door and will freak if it even looks like we're heading to an examining room. It's far from easy carrying him back to a room. You know it's bad when your dog gets injured and you weigh whether it's really that bad to take him with the emotional costs you know it has on your dog. I've tried working with them... I've asked to be taken in through the back if possible, they can't do it. Which is surprising, because they can do it for other clients. I've asked if we can schedule around the busy times, they can't do that either. There aren't any non-busy times apparently.

So after a lot of poking around I was recommended to a small vet practice (a little drive from where I am...). After calling them I'm feeling much more confident about switching. We've set up an appointment (for next Tues) just for a meet and greet with the vets and if he's feeling comfortable, his heartworm blood test. They were more than willing to set up an appointment just to get to know him (even more surprising was that the receptionist recommended it before I'd even gotten to that question). Even better, we're scheduled right after lunch time and are the first clients in. That way there will be the fewest possible dogs there and he shouldn't have to feel crunched and over threshold. And if that doesn't help, they're more than willing to take us through the back. There are a few more questions popping into my head as I write this... which goes to show that no matter how prepared I thought I was to call, I still didn't have everything on hand like I wanted. lol. But that's nothing I can't ask them Tues.

Part of me hates having to switch vets. On the human end, our previous one was convenient. I hate driving, I'm terrified of it. Our old one was right next door practically, off residential roads so I didn't have to do anything 'scary.' The new one is off a little distance (15 minute drive), off a busier road that I've never been too. I'm scared all right. But I'll spend this weekend driving from home and back just to get the feel of it. I almost didn't call and move him... almost, until I remembered him shutdown in the middle of the lobby, shaking and having to be carried into the back room. Or the way he know growls and cowers from the vets and makes me wonder what goes on when they take him from me to the back. There is no way I can accept that that's how going to be has to be. The lady at the new vet assured me that that's not how it should have to be either.

I just really hope this works out. -crosses fingers-

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