Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reba Pictures

Because I realized she doesn't get enough 'show time' on the blog or in the videos. So here's my best girl:
Reba happy to work. That's one thing I can count on... she always wants to play and work. She's such a happy girl. Where I get stumped a lot of the time is how to help her... she's losing her eyesight and I find myself struggling to continue teaching her as many tricks as possible. We're learning together and in the end it'll make me a better trainer for it, but she's not an experienced dog when it comes to shaping (and gets frustrated fast) and luring is dangerous for my fingers. So we experiment together... but a lot of it I don't think to tape.
Her eyes actually look good in these pictures too. They got all green and gunky the longer we worked outside. :(

Oh and just because I can't help it. I have to show of the "happy man," although he was anything but this last weekend. I noticed he'd either itched a small hole in his side or gotten bit by a good sized bug. Either way he had to suffer through my administrations. I voted to just clean it/put some cream on it, and bandage it rather than take him to the vet this weekend... I watched him closely and he seems completely normal. And taking him to the vet would have wiped his system out - stress wise. I hope that changes with the new vet. We'll see how well that goes Tuesday.
Though I will admit... he doesn't look nearly as fed up with me in this picture as he did last summer when he started itching his butt bald and had to wear undies for a few days. Oh... was I getting the look then! Seasonal allergies kick our butts over here. In the winter, Toby is fine... his coat is shiny, his eyes bright, the whole nine yards... The moment my allergies kick in come spring, his are right behind mine. -sighs-

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